High Speed Digital Printers

Bennett's digital presses are game changing for custom printed corrugated packaging & displays

What digital presses did for traditional printing, Bennett can now do for packaging and displays. The first to invest in a high-speed, single-pass, direct-to-corrugate, 6-color digital press of its kind in North America, Bennett is capable of printing at speeds that will rival the litho and flexo printers. Now digitally printing at sizes larger than any print plate or litho label, Bennett can deliver displays and retail packages to the marketplace much faster! 

With the increase in demand for digital printing within the corrugate industry, Bennett has invested in both a 66-inch and a 48-inch Jetmaster Digital Printer. Bennett's 48" wide printer is perfect for projects that would normally be printed on a 40-inch offset press. While the 66" printer is great for a super wide 66"x196" print area. 

Benefits of Printing Digitally

Digital Printer Capabilities

Bennett's Digital Printer: Case Study

  • Single-pass digital process
  • 60,000 sq. ft./hour
  • 8,600, 30"x30" sheets/hour, as an example
  • Art files uploaded directly to press
  • No print plates or Litho production
  • Direct-to-sheet printing
  • Reduced raw material use and waste
  • No print registration variance
  • No machine stops; in-line creative change-overs
  • True production proofs
  • No crush or reduction in stacking strength
  • Super-wide format, up to 66" x 196” print area (larger than any print plate or litho label)
  • 6-color process printing
  • Small- or high-volume printing
  • Creative variations for target marketing, retailer specific messaging, or even market testing
  • No machine stops; in-line creative change-overs
  • No print plates
  • No litho labels
  • Fewer machine passes
  • Less waste
  • Less time