Comprehensive, efficient contract packaging clients can rely on

Custom contract packaging services

Bennett’s Contract Packaging team is comprised of quality-minded leaders, fully-trained team members and a wide array of automated equipment. From kitting, to retail display assembly, to high-volume cartoning and security-sensitive product pack-outs, your project can be packed, palletized and ready to ship, all in our facility.

Bennett’s capabilities

  • Case packing/product pack-outs
  • Kit packing
  • Display assembly/partial assembly
  • Third party logistics
  • High-speed vision inspection
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Laminating
  • Cartoning
  • Bottle labeling
  • Palletization
  • Shipping

Our process at a glance

Bennett’s Contract Packaging process is customized to ensure the client’s needs are met. Efficiency is key, but quality controls and product security are just as important. With all in mind, an assembly plan is created, executed and then assessed to gain knowledge for future jobs.

Because Bennett places such an emphasis on becoming a team player, we maintain a flexible approach and adjust our process according to each of our clients’ needs. Our process is specific to our Contract Packaging division.

Bennett has established a rigorous quality control process:

1. Any and all sourced material is obtained from vendors who meet the criteria of the Vendor Quality Assessment

2. All sourced material as well as client-provided material is verified through the receiving inspection process

3. Quality checks are performed during the run by assigned personnel and recorded on the layout

4. Bill of Materials are verified by the Design Department and Customer Service to ensure that customer specifications are met

5. Corrective Action and Root Cause Analysis are done for all products not meeting specifications, enabling us to continuously optimize our process

6. We constantly research and procure the latest inspection technology, such as inspection camera systems that automatically reject erroneous products

Whether it’s warehousing, distribution, product tracking or outsourcing of components, we will work with you to get the job done efficiently with zero headaches.



Regardless of the shape or style of your customized carton, Bennett’s flexible automation will maximize efficiency in production. For those simple, rectangular cartons, our high-speed, fully-automated cartoners will do the job.

Bottle  Labeling

Bottle labeling

Bennett’s semi-automated bottle labeling lines include bottle de-scrambler, vision systems which ensure accurate barcodes/QR codes, pack-out conveyor, and case encoders for production dating and tracking.