Full-Service Dump Bin Manufacturer

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Retail Dump Bins Design, Construction & Use

We create standard and custom corrugated fiberboard dump bins that can be assembled and deconstructed in seconds. Our dump bins are effective in showcasing bulk inventory, overstock merchandise, or sale items. 

Partnering with us to design and manufacture your dump bins means we'll handle all the logistics, so you don't have to worry about anything. Our in-house team oversees everything from concept to production. Here are some things we consider as we design retail dump bins. 

  • Portability: Besides being ideal for displaying bulk items, dump bins should be easy to set up and take down. Portability is key, as moving a bin multiple times may prove to be strategic in garnering more sales. Our box designs meet this need.
  • Creative Design: The best dump bins are customized to draw attention to the items inside. They should also be made with durable material so that they can withstand the weight of the bulk items as well as the stress put on it by rummaging customers. Using corrugated fiberboard, our in-house design team can create a dump bin design that's durable, represents your brand, and delights customers. 
  • Manufacturing & Printing: It's crucial to have a prototype bin created first before moving the project to the manufacturing phase. Our team can design and construct bins based on specific specs or custom designs and all handle printing needs. We have flexographic, lithographic, and digital printers perfect for corrugated dump bins. Our Barberan Jetmaster printers, high-speed, direct-to-corrugate, six-color digital presses, are known for consistent, high-quality printing.

From concept to manufacturing and graphic designers to structural engineers, our in-house team creates the retail industry's go-to dump bins. Use dump bins and other retail display options to increase sales, promote your brand, and track the return on your investment.

The Bennett process at a glance

At Bennett, we’ve developed a process that focuses on making our client’s lives easier. And that starts with getting to know you and your specific needs and business objectives. As your partner, we work closely with you to satisfy your creative wants while conforming to your company’s standards and processes.
We know that each retailer has specifications that must be followed for your product to procure floor or shelf space. Bennett designs around your product while ensuring that those specifications are adhered to.

Because Bennett places such an emphasis on becoming a team player, we maintain a flexible approach and adjust our process according to each of our clients’ needs.

Our uncompromising commitment to quality

At Bennett, our commitment to service propels us to ensure that we are meeting or exceeding the highest standards in quality at every turn. Our company is driven by Departmental Standard Operating Procedures and is frequently audited by our Quality Assurance Department. Standard quality checks are always completed by machine operators to verify our processes.

Our design and production departments also work hand-in hand to ensure that any prototypes produced and approved for the customer can be accurately replicated in mass-production. And all customer specifications are verified through our Customer Service processes.

Our in-house, award-winning design team is comprised of both structural and graphic designers. Their experience allows for innovative and high-quality customized solutions tailored to meet your marketing objectives.
Our approach begins with learning about your product, the intended retail environment and the end-user’s needs and wants. We then partner with you to deliver what will work best in store, while being creative and efficient.

With Flexographic, lithographic and digital capabilities, Bennett prints at the highest level of quality. We assess each client’s needs and wants to determine which of our three printing processes will provide the best possible print for their project.

As evidenced by our numerous awards, Bennett is truly the regional expert in flexographic printing. And with our Barberan High Speed digital press, Bennett is among the international vanguard in digital printing on corrugate.

Bennett offers comprehensive testing of our corrugated products to ensure that your retail displays arrive safely to the end user. Our in-house testing lab employs the following:

  • Tilt test
  • Shake table
  • Compression
  • Drop tester

We also provide an in-house ink kitchen with color inspection software to insure accurate color matching throughout the full production run.